I’m a new shooter. Help!”

“Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?”

I need to work on my consistency!”

I want to get my License to carry.”

Whether you are new to the firearm world or have been shooting for a while, you may find that you need some additional help or instruction.

If you are seeking any of the following:

• Developing your basic handgun skills
• Getting more comfortable and accurate with your handgun
• Want to apply for your ND Concealed Weapon License
• Break bad habits and learn new ones
• Want to buy a new gun, but not sure which one

You have come to the right place!

My name is Michael Andersen, I’m the owner of Black Hat Handgun in Fargo, ND.

I am:
• NRA Certified Chief Range Safety Officer
• NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
• NRA Certified Person Protection Inside the Home Instructor
• North Dakota Concealed Weapons License Test Administrator

I offer both individual and small group instruction or ND CWL Exam classes
I can meet at a local range or another location, depending on the situation (e.g., ND CWL instruction and testing at your business, church or other location then shoot at local gun range)

Individual instruction is $50 per person, per hour (1 hour minimum)

♦ Must provide your own handgun and ammunition (no rentals)
♦ May involve live fire and/or dry fire exercises
♦ Small groups may qualify for lower per-person fee

ND Concealed Weapon License class is $50 (+ Range Fee if applying for Class 1 license)

◊ 4 Hours of classroom instruction using ND BCI PowerPoint presentation
◊ 1 Hour written exam: Open book based on ND CWL Manual (provided) [available HERE]
◊ Proficiency shooting test if written exam is passed (required for ND Class 1 license only)
◊ Please complete your application online for faster processing [HERE(bring printed copy to class)
∴ This class is what is required to apply for the ND CWL license. Students must successfully pass the exam & shooting test as well as a background check done by the State to obtain their permit.
No refunds of fees are offered unless the class is cancelled by the instructor.
→ The Qualification shoot is not for first time shooters ←

If you carry for protection, make sure you are covered in the event you have to defend yourself. https://secure.firearmslegal.com/blackhathandgun

If you are interested in private instruction or signing up for one of my upcoming classes, please send me your information and what you would like to set up or the date of the class you are interested in.